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Discussion on stroke factors that effect Brazil with Dr Shiela Martins and Jamary Oliveira (1 episode)


Interview with Dr Shiela Martins and Jamary Oliveira, Brazilian Stroke Society (0 episodes)


Atyical timing and presentation of periventricular haemorrhagic infarction in pre-term infants: the role role of thrombophillia (0 episodes)


Developmental coordination disorder and motor dyspraxia (1 episode)


Behavioural comorbidity in Tanzanian children with epilepsy: a community-based case–control study (1 episode)


Neurodevelopmental movement disorders – an update on childhood motor stereotypies (1 episode)


Men’s health: it is imperative to teach scrotal and rectal examination (1 episode)


OCTOBER 2011: Predictive validity of Prechtl’s Method on the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements (1 episode)


Journal of Pathology - June 2011 (2 episodes)


The 2010 Impact Factor, social media and submission rates (1 episode)