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Peter Sandercock and IST-3 (1 episode)


Martin Dennis and CLOTS (1 episode)


AUGUST 2010: Discussion of Aicardi-Goutières Syndrome and SAMHD1 (1 episode)


Burden of Stroke in Sri Lanka with Padma Gunaratne (1 episode)


JULY 2010: Discussion of Pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy and related conditions (1 episode)


INTERACT2 Clinical Trial Protocol International Journal of Stroke (1 episode)


EVREST Trial Protocol and discussion of results International Journal of Stroke (1 episode)


Dr Stuart Connolly's RE-LY Trial Podcast Interview International Journal of Stroke (1 episode)


Burden of stroke in Argentina – an interview with Professor Conrado Estol International Journal of Stroke (1 episode)