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Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology (18 episodes)


DECEMBER 2010: Suicide risk in adolescents with chronic illness (1 episode)


UK Stroke Forum/International Journal of Stroke collaboration (5 episodes)


Podcasts from the journal Medical Education 2011 (22 episodes)


‘This thorough, tedious, expensive and disappointing study…’ (1 episode)


NOVEMBER 2010: Epilepsy in hemiplegic cerebral palsy due to perinatal arterial ischaemic stroke (1 episode)


Teachers: Improving the content of feedback (1 episode)


Resilience and recovery from burnout (1 episode)


At-risk medical students: implications of students’ voice for the theory and practice of remediation (1 episode)


What do we mean by web-based learning? A systematic review of the variability of interventions (1 episode)